Welcome to Nursery Class 2023-2024!

We are very happy to welcome you all to Nursery and we are very excited for all the fun and learning we're going to do this year!


Ms Loosley

Mrs. Moral

Ms Mengoud 

Ms Geele

Ms Butt

Mrs. Knights

Miss Rice 


Term 3: Week 6

This week we have been cooking

the story was "Don't put your Finger in the Jelly, Nelly" 

We made Jelly with some fruit.

We also baked some pancakes, kids were good at mixing the ingredients and cooking them with Mrs Mangeoud.

we cooked spaghetti and had a lovely sensory play, adding colours and dishing it out into little plates.

We also did a milk shake using bananas and blended them with the hand blender, then we added milk and we all tried a little bit. The kids were good at giving it a go.

As you can read, a full week of new flavours.

The kids have had a lovely week.

Have a nice half-term.

The Nursery Team 


Term 3: Week 5

This week we have enjoyed the story ' I am Hungry' by Michael Rosen.

Children have been talking about their favourite food and every child has done a lovely handmade pizza with Mrs Mangeout.

Mixing the yeast, water, oil and flour to make the dough, they made their own tomato sauce using tomato, vegetable cubes, and oil.

They grated the cheese and decorated their pizza. Mrs Mangeout cooked it on the classroom with a special electric pan.

They also did some crafts, cutting different shapes of different colour paper, describing those cuttings as their favourite food (chips,peas,nuggets,broccoli...) and sticking them on a paper plate.

On Friday we enjoyed some time in the secret garden too, digging, singing and playing games.

We have had a lovely week.

Enjoy the weekend.

The Nursery Team.

Term 3: Week 4

This week we have enjoyed the story 

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?

Here is the link to the story.

We have done lots of crafty activities and mini books reteling the story.

We painted a Polar Bear with white and black paint, Kids were amazing at giving it a go and we have lovely bears.

We set some white foam on the black tuff tray and some Bears for them to move around and explore the foam with different media.

We also have painted a flamingo using the hand as the base for the body, then with salmon and black paint they painted around to finished the flamingo.

We  draw stripes with black paint on a printed zebra.

We had some sensory play with rice and beans and some cups and pots.

On Friday we did our first forest school activity, we had some time to do digging, sing some songs, spotted planes and birds and we had some snack together, we had a lovely time.

In the afternoon we learned about Walrus and we made a walrus face using circles, wool, lolly sticks and black fabric.

Another busy and lovely week had by all in Nursery class.

Have a lovely Weekend

The Nursery Team

Term 3: week 3

This week we had been making some more animals.

We did some dogs using paper plates and some pieces of paper to add to the place.

We have been painting  with bubbles. Kids blow down the straw on a colourful water and once the bubbles were overflowing the bowl, they place the paper on top of the bubbles, they loved this activity and they have been enjoying bubble blowing in the water tray too.

We did monkeys doing hand printing, kids painted their hand and did a print on a piece of paper, we cut out a circle and place it as the head, then they draw the tail with a brown felt pen.

We have also learned about camels, we used large piece of paper, we cut out the bumps and stack them to the large paper, then they draw with paintbrushes the head, legs and tails.

We have had a very busy week

Have a nice weekend

The Nursery Team 

Term 3: Week 2

Welcome back Nursery!

This week we have enjoyed the story 'Dear Zoo' below a link to an interactive story on you tube.

Children did their own lions using paper plates,wool and some orange paint. 

We had some sensorial play with dry pasta and animals on it, so kids could move the animals around it and build some hutches.

We painted Elephants on a large piece of paper, drawing large ears and a long trunk, kids were really good at giving it a go! (have a look at the photos)

We painted a paper snake using paint and corks, children made a pattern on the snake stamping the cork on the paint and them on the paper.

We have enjoyed some time outside (wearing lots of layers!).

We have also been playing musical instruments too. Kids are becoming very good at playing and stopping when the music stops.

We have had a lovely week of learning at nursery.

Have a lovely weekend

The Nursery Team


Term 2: Week 7

This week children have been busy getting lots of Christmas decorations done. 

On Monday children went to see a school Panto, They all had a great time.

We have had Christmas parties in the Classroom and on Thursday morning some children went to Church and celebrated together.

We have been making Christmas paper chains, and little green Christmas trees with small pieces of green issue paper.

We have decorated large Christmas baubles and have a go at decorating the Nursery Christmas tree.

Thank you for a lovely Term 2 Nursery Children, it has been a Great one!

Have an amazing Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Thank you very much for your lovely cards, words and presents.

See you back on the 4th of January.

The Nursery Team.




Term2: Week 6

This week we have been learning about Christmas.

The Story is: Spot's First Christmas.

We did the Christmas play for the school children and then again on Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon for the parents.

Kids were really goon on stage and did their best singing and dancing of "Feliz Navidad".

In the classroom we have been making Snowman cards using white circles on blue card and then using red fabric with put a scarf or the snowman, a orange string for a nose and a felt precut piece as a hat.

We display some empty boxes on the table and kids were using wrapping paper to do some gift wrapping.

We did some snowflakes painting using white paint and glitter and pressing the stamps on to the paint then on the paper.

we have been Father Christmas with toilet rolls,red creppe paper and white cotton, kids have to work patienty getting all the steps to complety and they have been very patient to get their final product. Well done Nursery!

Have a lovely weekend

The Nursery Team 

Term 2: Week 5

This week children have been learning aboout the story " The Very Lonely Firefly".

We have been painting little white glittery marks on a black paper with a jar shape.

We have explored under the classroom tower, using torchers and covering it with black materials so we have recreated the night time.

Children created their own firefly using precut pieces of the body, wings, head and light. They assembled it and sticked it on the black paper.

 Kids really enjoyed using little torches and observing the stars being projected on the sky by the light projector.

We also cover the table with large pieces of black paper and we let the kids explore using pieces of cotton and paint the black paper doing large marks.

They have really enjoyed this topic and learning about the dark.

We have also been getting ready some of the outfits for the Christmas performance.

Have a lovely weekend

The Nursery Team




Term 2: Week 4

This week we have been learning the story " Owl Babies"

We have been making different sizes Owls, we learned that they are nocturnal animals, they make a Twit sound, they have claws and they can turn their head 270 degrees.Owls can see far away but not so much if something is very closed.

Using white paint on black paper, adding a paper beak and some googly eyes. They choose a big mummy Owl or a small baby Owl.

We painted 3 different sizes owls with white paint and we talked about big, medium and small, Kids were really good at giving it a go and painting their 3 different size Owls.

We also use some colorful feathers on a small piece of paper and we let them make a colorful Owl.

On Friday we collected leaves from the playground and we make toilet roll Owls with brown and white feathers , googly eyes and the leaf as the Owl Wings, It was a longer process craft and they all work 1 to 1 with the teacher to complete the whole process.

We have the story on you tube and we played some Owl noises and learned about some Owls that could be found in England, Barn Owl and Tawny Owl.

We had an excellent week of learning.

Have a good weekend.

The Nursery Team 



Term 2: Week 3

This week we have learned about Diwali.

We listened to the Story " Rama and The Demon King" and we Learned about Sita and Rama. 

We did paper plate faces using paint to recreate the story on the wall.

Children made a diva light out of clay, they used their fingers and some tools to model the clay and then they added a candle to it.

We learned the song "This Little Light of Mine, I am gonna let it shine", children joined in and sang along.

We did a Rangoli pattern out of coloured rice and used glue to stick it on a black paper.

We learn about Mendhi hand and kids use pencils to draw around their hands on a pice of paper, we also cut out large hands and they use pens to make patterns around the hand, as if we were using Henna.

We used a paper plate folded in half and painted it with colorful paints, they added a small piece of paper to the top and we made a paper Diva light.

On Friday for Children in Need we decorated large Pudsey bears stamping circles on paint on the Bear's sports using bottle corks.

Nursery children are really enjoying painting at the moment so we use any opportunity we have to have painting activities out.

Have a lovely weekend

The Nursery Team 




Term 2: Week 2

This week we have been learning about Bonfires and Fireworks. 

Children have been sharing with friends their experiences. Some kids went to see the firework displays this weekend and they have been describing the size and colours of the fireworks they have seen. We have using the digital board to whatch some displays and kids really enjoy and join in with the sounds!

We have been using our voices to make sounds that could be similar to fireworks, using our bodies to make rockets and our hands to do the sounds of the fireworks exploding into palm trees.

Kids are becaming very confident when joining in and smiling to their friends when doing the games. 

in the classroom we have created a few firework displays made by Nursery children. Using straws and paint kids have been stamping bright paint on to black paper and adding glitter to the wet paint.

We have been using paper shapes to make rockets (squares and triangles) and we have also used empty toilet rolls with tissue paper and stickers to make a 3d rocket.

Kids have been really focus on their activities and they really enjoy arts and crafts.

Hope you enjoy the photos

Have a good weekend

The Nursery team

Term 2: Week 1

This week we have been learning about pumkins and fireworks.

We have used empty toilet rolls, cut out ,and dipped onto paint, we used them as a stamps and print black paper, then we added different shiny materials like glitter and other small bright bits. We have a lovely display on the walls with the lovely prints. 

Children have had a chance of making pumking soup with Ms Mangeoud. They peel and cut the potatoes, they chop some pumking, added some water and herbs and put it into a large container to cook it in the microwave. They all had a taste and some kids really enjoyed it! well done for trying new things nursery!.

We have been exploring the pulp and the seeds form inside the pumking and adding glitter to seeds to make a nice display.

we have also used pieces of pumpkin as different shapes and using different media to paint on the paper.

Children have been enjoying different pumpkin songs and stories, here a few links so you can enjoy them at home too. 


Have a nice weekend

The Nursery Team.



First week in Nursery

Term 1: Week 2

We have had a lovely week getting to know each other, riding the bikes, hand printing with paint, exploring the Nursery inside and out, making friends, learning to ride the bikes, doing some collage, learning how to share, and having snacks with our friends.

PTFA Back to School Bash this Friday after school! Cakes, games, uniforms, jumble, craft, and more....all welcome.

Have a lovely weekend.

The Nursery Team 


Term 1: Week 3

Term 1: Week 3

This week we had lunch in the school Hall for the first time, We walked all together holding on to the hoops of the walking rope and the kids were really excited to spend the time together at lunchtime.

In the classroom, we have been exploring vehicles and different colors of paint, creating structures and buildings with recyclable boxes and plastic containers, kids are getting really good and using masking tape and using their hands to cut it out.

We also decorated some picture frames of our first day at school and the children took them home to keep on their fridge door.

They really enjoy the water tray with warm bubbly water, the sand tray, and the bikes outside. 

We have read stories like " My First Day at Nursery" "School Makes Me Happy" and "Spot Goes to School".

As you can see we have had a very lovely and busy week.

Have a nice weekend

The Nursery Team 



Term 1: Week 4

Term 1: Week 4

This week we have been learning about feeling.

We have listened to the story "The Color Monster" 

(above the link to copy and paste on your browser)

Children have been learning the different colours and linking them to the feeling: yellow is happy, blue sad, red angry, black scared, green calm, and red loved, the rainbow one is when feelings are mixed up.

Children have done a beautiful mixed media collage using the feeling colour and we have talked about how we feel when we are happy, angry, or sad.

We played with cups and pots emptying and filling containers with dry beans and pasta.

We have also been enjoying the painting easel and decorating a large butterfly for Child of Hope on Friday.

Kids are starting to recognise some friends and have built good relationships and enjoying the time together.

Well done Nursery for another lovely week.

Have a nice weekend

The Nursery Team.


Term 1: WEEK 5

Term 1: week 5

This week we have been working on other feelings like love (pink) and anger (black) and extending our display.

We have done portraits using mixed media like paper and crayons.

We have been exploring dry pasta and pulses. Kids use small pots and spoons, and kids enjoy filling and emptying containers.

On Thursday afternoon we had the visit of Farrah Fortnam, a local artist and mum of two school kids who has done lovely paintings of the wooden numbers with the kids. They will be on display in the school hall for art on the Hill. From Monday they will be on display by the bike wall. Keep an eye out for them, they are awesome and super colorful! 

We have also done a mixed monster using paint and cork to dip into the paint and make colorful dots on it.

We are still enjoying the water play, washing babies in warm bubbly water, and riding bikes outside, they are getting better at negotiating their space and turn-taking on the trikes.

Have a nice weekend

The Nursery Team 




Term 1: Week 6

Term 1: Week 6

This week we have been doing lots of different activities with leaves to celebrate the beginning of Autumn.

We have collected some leaves from the secret garden in the school, taken them back to the class, and used paint and glitter to decorate them and create our very own Nursery tree.

We used cotton buds and warm red, orange, and brown paint to decorate trees printed on paper, children used their fine motor skills to paint with the cotton bud dipping it into the paint and making marks as the leaves of the tree.

We have explored shaving foam and had a lovely time making marks on the table and we have enjoyed the outside time playing with constructing toys, bikes, and water.


Have a lovely week 

The nursery Team 


Term 1: Week 7

This week children have been exploring with fallen leaves, we have been doing leaf rubbing using with different sizes leaves under the paper; so we could have the pattern printed on the paper.

We have been decorating squirrels and adding googly eyes to them, as kids wanted to add some animals to our classroom tree. Kids have been giving a go at using the scissors independently. 

We have been working hard with some Christmas cards, they will be coming your way once they are printed on to postcard.

Rolling conkers down the plastic tubes has been a winner this week and exploring with small wooden figures, Kids are very creative making scultures with them.

We have been embracing the rain and riding bikes and enjoying the swings too.

Next week school is closed as we are in half term.

Have a nice Weekend.

The Nursery Team.


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