At St Mary Redcliffe primary school, we want all our children to develop as healthy, confident, independent and responsible members of society. ​

Through our PSHE curriculum, and our curriculum of opportunities, we encourage our children to play a positive role in contributing to the life of the school and the wider cultural community. ​

We also aim to develop children who are reflective individuals and who have a strong awareness of their own wellbeing as well as an awareness of, and respect for, others.​

Life skills​

As a school we place importance on children developing the skills they need to succeed in life along with all children achieving their potential academically.​

Three days a year are designated to Life Skills Days where children develop key life skills such as tying shoelaces, learning to ride a bike and bike safety and basic first aid


Alongside the Personal, Social and Health curriculum (PSHE), we also teach Relationships and Sex education (RSE), through Jigsaw, a mindful approach to PSHE and RSE.​

Jigsaw is divided in to 6 strands and each strand is taught once a year. It is a progressive scheme, with each unit being built upon year after year, so that the children become very familiar with the main topic strands and format of each lesson.  As children develop in age, so to does the content of what they learn.  All lessons are delivered by the class teacher, in a calm manner, with children free to ask questions and discuss the topic openly with their peers and friends. ​

Through Jigsaw we aim to provide and prepare our children for the ever changing world around them. Our children are provided with opportunities to reflect on their experiences and understand how they are developing personally, physically and socially, whilst gaining skills to help them navigate the many spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues that are part of growing up.​

They also learn to understand and respect our common humanity; diversity and differences so that they can go on to form effective, fulfilling relationships that are an essential part of life and learning.



Jigsaw Scheme


Changing Me Unit - Year Group Presentations

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